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The best pleasure horse

out there!

A Standardbred performing in the dressage ring.

About the Breed

The Standardbred is an all-American breed that was developed in the 1800s. Originally used to ride and drive, the Standardbred evolved into the fastest trotting horse in the world. The name Standardbred came from the fact that each horse had to meet a speed standard to be registered or allowed to race. The Standardbred is used primarily in harness racing. They begin racing at the age of 2 and must retire at the age of 15. They can race either trotting or pacing, with the majority of horses in the US racing at the pace. They range in size from 14.2h to 16.2h, and the most common color is bay, but they can also be chestnut, black, gray or roan. They are known to be very sturdy with great stamina and a willing temperament

Continuing Your Education

Retraining the Harness Racehorse
by Mary Anne Donovan-Wright & Robyn Cuffey

"At last, an easy, step-by-step guide to retraining harness racehorses for pleasure use is available for Standardbred owners... although books on training abound, none were specifically geared towards Standardbreds and their strengths and weaknesses until now. Both authors bring years of Standardbred retraining experiences to the work, and share them throughout the book."


~ Anne Loiselle, Hoof Beats magazine


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Standardbreds can do it all!

Wendy, gray Standardbred
Standardbred, pleasure driving.
Standardbred, barrel racing.
Standardbred, obstacle course.
Standardbred, jumping.
Standardbred, head photo with brand.
Standardbred driving pair at Acadia.
Standardbred, trotting.
Standardbred on the trail.
Standardbreds, trail riding.
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