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Standardbreds Available For Adoption

Application To Adopt

Adoption fees start at $600 and are driven by expenses incurred while retraining, transporting, housing, and providing medical care for the horse. These horses are learning their balance under a rider and usually need an intermediate rider (who can post). Most have been shod their whole lives and may need to remain shod for their continued comfort. Some can canter, but many are not able to canter with a rider. Please take these facts into consideration so that together we can make good matches for these horses. Helping Standardbreds in the New England region.

On The Avenue

16-year-old Bay Mare

On The Avenue, AKA "Amber" is a 16-year-old 15.2 hand pacer mare. She has been retired for a number of years and is a graduate of the SPHO Ambassador horse program. Amber has come back into our program due to her owner's circumstances, not any fault of hers. She needed a refresher to get going again and is looking for an intermediate rider. Amber can go barefoot and is up-to-date on everything.


Rambling Jet

14-year-old Bay Gelding

"Jet" is a 14-year-old 15.2 hand pacer gelding that was racing this fall. He is starting his new job under saddle. He can trot and is just getting exposed to new things like trails. He will need shoes for the foreseeable future because of the toll of wear and tear from all those years of racing. Horses with Hope is working with Jet and reports that he’s a total sweetheart so far and he LOVES being groomed.


Smart Move

12-year-old Bay Gelding

Smart Move is a twelve-year-old, pacer gelding. He is 15.2 hands tall and trots under saddle. He loves trails, just not water. We will post updates as he progresses.


Neals on Wheels

16-year-old Bay Mare

Neals On Wheels aka "Nellie" is a sixteen year-old, 15.3 hands tall mare. Nellie has developed soundness issues so she needs the quieter life of a companion horse. Nellie gets along with others, has good manners, and is an all-round nice girl.. Adoption fee: Free to an approved home.


Whata Winner

16-year-old Bay Gelding

Whata Winner aka "Duffy" is a big sixteen year-old gelding. Duffy loves people and would like to live in your house. Unfortunately, he has developed back issues and he needs to retire. Duffy was a big money winner in his race days and deserves a nice retirement as a companion horse. Adoption fee: Free to an approved home.


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