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If I Can Dream - Ivory Yankee - Jenna's Beach Boy
Foaled: 5/19/2011; Annville, PA
Bay, Gelding
Ivory was purchased as a two-year-old and raced as a pacer in MA, but at four years old it became apparent that he was not fast enough to compete, so his responsible owner donated him to our program. Sound, fit, handsome, and a clean slate, he was adopted after only one month by a young lady who aspires to retrain Standardbreds from the track - a dream come true and the perfect match! He was renamed Lincoln, and with ongoing weekly lessons, they continue to learn together with great fun and success. Along with refining the walk and trot, Lincoln is now beginning to canter, and they are enjoying trail rides and competing in local schooling shows. 

Idealist, aka Buddy

Western Ideal - Carolache - Idealist Hanover - Big Towner - Idealize
Foaled: 5/30/2003; Paris, KY
Bay, Gelding
After finishing his racing career, Idealist was retired with an injury that left him suitable for only light pleasure disciplines. He entered our program in July 2017 and was immediately adopted. Here is their story in the words of his adopter:
"I had been looking for the perfectly trained trail horse for two years when I ran into Buddy, aka Idealist, 14-years-old, injured, and never having had a saddle. But his calm and sweet personality made me adopt him as a companion to my highly excitable mare. It didn't take him long to show that he was very trainable and his leg healed better than expected. He is now living up to his new name and is the steady buddy for less confident horse and rider teams in the neighborhood, both riding in Acadia National Park, as well as going to other barns to give companionship to other inexperienced riders on their green horses."
Buddy has proven to be a wonderful ambassador for the calm and well-disciplined Standardbred breed!
Please enjoy the photos and the video of Buddy in his early months of training.

Neals on Wheels, aka Nellie

Current Cast - Chelemark Karissa - Muscles Yankee
Foaled: 4/3/2007; Pittsfield, ME
Bay, Mare
Nellie was 8 years old when her owners decided to retire her from racing before she had any injuries. After settling into the FFS program she was trained under saddle, used in lessons, and evaluated for pleasure driving. Several trips to Acadia driving as a pair with a seasoned driving Standardbred showed her to be dependable, so she was matched with another Standardbred and they became a new pair. They have appeared at several local events, including pulling the Storyland pumpkin coach!

Mr. Blakely, aka Doc, aka Finn

Western Maverick - Cam’s Last - Life Sign
Foaled: 5/10/2015; Saco, ME
Bay, Gelding
Doc had some minor health issues and was too slow to race, so he was donated to Futures For Standardbreds almost exactly 3 years after he was foaled. His youth and personality appealed to his trainer, who found him a delight to work with, and he was quickly adopted. His new owner had an older Standardbred ready for retirement, and she especially wanted another, younger Standardbred. She found her perfect match! Now renamed Finn, his training continues, but he was quick to enjoy trail riding, trips to the beach, and was soon in harness for pleasure driving - all BITTLESS! We receive regular updates on all their adventures together, including pictures from the carriage roads in Acadia. Thank you to his race owners, his trainer, and his new owner for giving this Standardbred in need a wonderful home!
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