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Futures For Standardbreds always has Standardbreds in training who are waiting for their forever home. We will continue to work for Standardbreds

in need - "one horse at a time".


Yes, Virginia, there is an excellent place for retired racehorses!

For 30 years my wife Pat and I were involved in most of the aspects of harness racing. We’ve been horse owners, trained our own horses, had mares, bred and raised several colts and fillies at our own farm. When we began we really knew nothing at all about any of this. And, sadly, we were far too naive in our expectations. While we didn’t expect to have only champions we did think that hard work, respectful treatment of others, occasional good fortune, and talented drivers and trainers might lead to earning enough money to pay for our sojourn into the world of harness racing.

In time we realized that the belief that “if one is in the top ten percent of anything competitive, one is probably cheating” applied in spades to harness racing. Anyone who trained for us was told that only treatments and medications that are “legal” were to be used on our horses. We would not subject our horses to anything detrimental to their well-being. There are today, others who are just as adamant about treating their horses as they should be treated. But the number of folks who prescribe to that philosophy is pathetically small in the harness racing community. Most do whatever it takes to their horses to win.

After many years of weaving our way through the maze of improprieties in harness racing, we decided to get out. At the time, we owned two young colts, Western Warrior (Wes) and Mr. Blakely (Doc). Rather than sell them to someone in the harness racing business we wanted the best for them. We had heard about Futures For Standardbreds and were impressed with the high level of integrity exhibited by everyone associated with the organization. It became immediately clear that if we were going to part company with (donate) our two horses that these folks were the absolute best ones with whom to deal.

Both “Wes” and “Doc” now have an ideal home and are in the devoted care of their outstanding new owners. And, while we haven’t asked for them, we get occasional updates from these folks about both Wes and Doc. So, “Yes Virginia, there is an excellent place for retired racehorses”! That place begins with the professional and truly compassionate folks at Futures For Standardbreds!

Very Grateful,
- Pat and Dick McKeen -

" Ted is doing so well! We love him very much! 

Thank you for your honesty - He is exactly as he was represented."

- Anne Krawchuk / Adopted Ted -

"You should be very proud of the work you are doing and I will continue to help any way I can. I love working with standardbreds and enjoy watching them race, but I could never be involved with the sport if there weren't organizations like FFS that help assure a good life for them after racing.  I believe owners have an obligation to the horses after racing.”

- Eric Dickson / Racing Standardbred Owner -

“I am a big fan of Standies. They are one of the (unfortunately) best-kept secrets of the horse world.  From following STBs I know some of the biggest support for them seems to be in Maine and New Jersey. This year I decided to make donations in honor of co-workers rather than giving presents. Knowing the majority of Amish buggy horses are Standardbreds I wanted to support an alternate fate after racing. I snooped around the internet for any news and it all seemed positive.  So ultimately it wasn’t the location as much as it was the mission that led me to your organization. A friend of mine has horses and I was constantly singing the praises of Standardbreds.  A few years back she was approached to a Standardbred mare whose Amish family wanted her to go to a good home.  My friend now recognizes how great Standardbreds are.

Keep up the good work."

- Leslie Phelps / valued supporter of Standardbreds  -

"My husband and I adopted Owl N on New Year's Eve Day from Futures For Standardbreds. We've been celebrating his homecoming ever since! FFS is an awesome organization that retrains Standardbreds for pleasure purposes. Not only does the organization invest time and money in retraining, but shots, negative Coggins, dental work, and farrier services are updated when the horse arrives at the farm. We are grateful there is such an outstanding organization for these wonderful horses. Owl N is phenomenal and we are honored to share our lives with him.

God saved the best for last!"

- Jon & Dawn Riddel / Standardbred owners  -

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