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Since we began our endeavors in 2014, Futures For Standardbreds has retrained and placed more than 40 horses. We are delighted that these Standardbreds have bright futures with enthusiastic and dedicated owners.

Standardbred racehorses are required to retire at age 14, and since horses can live to be 30, they need a “second career.” Furthermore, Standardbreds that “fail” out of racing or are never fast enough to compete often face uncertain futures. Our goal is to get these vulnerable horses into our program before they are in crisis, so that they may be successfully re-trained and go on to enjoy lives as pleasure horses.

We accept Standardbred donations from owners; we do not pay for horses. After an assessment of health and temperament, we undergo a systematic 12-16-week program of re-training them to be ridden under saddle and/or driven for pleasure.

We carefully review applications and conduct interviews, reference checks and site visits related to potential adopters, and we are committed to finding appropriate matches and responsible homes. The well-being of each horse is our primary concern. The abilities of the rider and the resulting safety implications for both horse and rider are also considered. We conduct post-adoption follow-up to offer support to adopters and confirm that it continues to be a positive arrangement.

Our board and volunteers are deeply committed to our mission…to Saving One Standardbred at a Time!

Futures For Standardbreds is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization based in Southern Maine.

Futures For Standardbreds fundraising.

Futures For Standardbreds is always looking for dedicated volunteers of all ages! Have questions? Interested in volunteering? Help us make a difference and save Standardbreds' lives. Please feel free to contact us by clicking on the button below!

Thank You to Our Dependable Volunteers:

Karen Ansteenson                         Susan Pendleton

Joyce Berk                                   Lori Pennell
Cyndie Bowie                               Kate Randall
Renée Chervenak                         Brandi Raymond
Robyn Cuffey                               Meg Raymond                       
Debby Dubois                              Gloria Steiger
Ann Ewing                                   Desirée Strout

Patricia Hawley                            Christine Vito
Molly Kinney                                Cathy Wright
Abby Lovejoy                               Courtney Wright
Margie McDonald


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