Futures For Standardbreds was created in January 2014 by a group of Standardbred enthusiasts from Southern Maine. Today we are proud to be an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c) (3) organization. We accept donated Standardbreds that are no longer racing for a variety of reasons and also rescue them from situations that will lead to inhumane treatment. Our goal is to save as many Standardbreds as possible and educate the public about this gentle, versatile breed. 


We save unwanted Standardbreds. Often when Standardbreds are no longer able to successfully harness race they are discarded. FFS re-trains Standardbreds that are donated by their owners or that are rescued from kill pens. After re-training and assessment under saddle and in harness, the Standardbred is advertised as a pleasure horse and put up for adoption to a responsible forever home. Saving one Standardbred at a time!


Futures For Standardbreds was incorporated with the State of Maine as an independent, nonprofit organization in February 2014, and received federal IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in September of that year. In compliance with these governing bodies, we set out to raise funds necessary for achieving our goal of saving Standardbred horses from being disposed of when they are no longer able to race. The horses must be sound enough for retraining and placement in responsible homes for enjoyment in a variety of pleasure disciplines. 

In our first six years, our treasury has grown through private and public donations, fundraising events, plants and Christmas wreath sales, and a raffle with three prizes (1st = a week in a home on Peaks Island, 2nd = a weekend in the same home, 3rd = $100 gift certificate for L.L. Bean, 4th = $50 gift certificate for L.L. Bean). Foster care of our Standardbreds in training is costly and includes not only food and shelter, but also veterinary, dental, and foot care, and endless hours of chores. Labor is voluntary. A qualified trainer is paid $150 for 10 training sessions, the horse is then re-evaluated, and further training is on a voluntary basis. In the hope of spreading the word and gaining ongoing support, we have an official logo, information brochure, Facebook page, Website, and bumper stickers.

Due to our growing treasury, we were recently able to purchase three Standardbreds out of the kill pen - true rescues! These horses were so damaged, that despite months of rehabilitation and patient training, they had given all the had to give and were placed as companion horses in responsible homes for a complete retirement. Futures For Standardbreds encourages owners who donate their horses to our program to communicate with other owners so that fewer horses go to slaughter or to the Amish.

In our last six years of operation, Futures For Standardbreds has retrained and placed a total of thirty-six horses in good homes. We are delighted that these Standardbreds now have bright futures with happy owners, and we are proud of the hard work, time, and efforts that have paid off with the best possible result.


Futures For Standardbreds is always looking for dedicated volunteers of all ages! Have questions? Interested in volunteering? Help us make a difference and save Standardbreds' lives. Please feel free to contact us by clicking on the button below!

Thank You to Our Dependable Volunteers:

Karen Ansteenson

Joyce Berk                                       Lori Pennell
Cyndie Bowie                                  Kate Randall
Renée Chervenak                           Brandi Raymond
Robyn Cuffey                                  Meg Raymond                              
Debby Dubois                                 Gloria Steiger
Ann Ewing                                       Desirée Strout
Molly Kinney                                   Christine Vito
Abby Lovejoy                                  Cathy Wright
Margie McDonald                          Courtney Wright



Help us save one Standardbred at a time! Donate, volunteer, or adopt to assist us reclaim, retrain, and re-home Standardbreds in need.

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